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Display and retargeting

Serving your brand awareness

Rapid impact on

your brand awareness


Display and Retargeting are powerful drivers to multiply your audience… provided you find the right angle. We provide expertise in all the different channels to boost your brand awareness strategy.
Pour un objectif précis

For a specific purpose

As part of the development of your brand awareness, we recommend Display as a suitable, powerful tool.

Des contenus adaptés

Adapted content

We create and adapt all the content needed for your Display campaigns to appear on all formats.

Un ciblage fin

Finely-tuned targeting

Building a campaign means defining your target's characteristics, as well as knowing what to exclude to spend your budget effectively.

La notoriété seulement ?

Just brand awareness?

We collate the results of your Display campaigns to understand their actual impact on your commercial performance.

An ultra-precise

multichannel strategy

Developing awareness of your brand and products on Display channels can be planned in many ways. As for retargeting, it is usually the best-performing channel, subject to careful definition and fine tuning.


Thanks to the categories proposed by the advertisers, we identify the audiences to be acquired according to your target.


En ciblant un ensemble de sites web partenaires grâce à plusieurs mots-clés définis et personnalisés, nous développons votre audience au-delà de vos cibles existantes.


By targeting a set of partner websites with multiple defined and customised keywords, we grow your audience beyond your existing targets.


Your customers know you but have not performed the expected action? Defining a targeting strategy and adapting the message ensures increased performance.

Our clients

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We love numbers

Because they never lie


of consumers react to retargeting (retargeted ads)


of marketing departments now have a dedicated retargeting budget


this is the average retargeting click rate against 0.07% for display