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Generate leads and sales,

paying only for results


We use affiliate sites to attract your targets towards your products and develop loyalty among your clients.
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Immediate ROI

Affiliation is based on a payment method that remunerates publishers for results: percentage of sales or fixed rate.

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A receptive audience

The affiliate sites are selected for the quality and volume of their audiences, in line with your target audiences.

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Visibility booster

Beyond sales and leads, affiliation contributes to your brand notoriety at no extra cost.

La notoriété seulement ?

Optimised budget allocation

The budgets you allocate are only spent if sales or leads are generated.

Professional support

from A to Z

From campaign strategy to implementation and analysis, we accompany you at every stage of your affiliation programme.

Tailored approach

Based on your objectives and targets, we select the most relevant publishers and define an appropriate payment model.

Careful implementation

We implement your affiliate programmes, from creating accounts and ads to managing sales tracking.

Constant performance monitoring

Throughout the operation, we monitor performance to ensure the campaign is efficient and provide dashboard data based on predefined KPIs.

On-going optimisation

Based on the results, we optimise your current campaigns (e.g. content or format of the ads, publication period and choice of affiliate publishers) and help plan your next ones.

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of consumers react to retargeting (retargeted ads)


of marketing departments now have a dedicated retargeting budget


this is the average retargeting click rate against 0.07% for display