Programmatic & retargeting

Programmatic & retargeting

Target audiences rather than sites and automate your campaign optimisation

Highly targeted audiences

for your campaigns


Develop relevant audiences rather than targeting all the visitors from a list of predetermined sites.
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Insights from pixels

We help you install and configure pixels for each platform to build relevant, custom audiences.

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Multi-source audiences

To maximise your campaigns, we use your existing audiences to create similar ones and suggest others.

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Optimized campaigns

Rather than targeting a site on which 90% of traffic isn’t qualified, we only target sites when the internet user profile is relevant.

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Constant testing and learning

Each audience is audited to evaluate its ROI. If it’s below our target, we exclude it.

Re-targeting and retention included

Re-targeting and retention included

Using re-targeting, visitors that don’t convert are contacted again according to rules we establish together e.g. capping, frequency and behavioral targeting.

Purchases optimised

in real time

You no longer need to wait until the end of your campaign to measure the results and draw on the findings.


We configure an online dashboard showing all the results, which are updated in real-time. This enables everyone to stay sharp and work together.

No purchase contracts

Each investment can be increased, reduced or stopped at any point based on its performance. This makes you very agile and optimises your results.

ROI objectives

Initiatives are measured and optimised based on your conversions. They are evaluated in relation to the only criteria that interests us: your profit.

Automatic optimisation

By adding the rules to the platforms, we can optimise your campaigns in real-time with no human intervention. Maximum efficiency, minimum risk.


Your clients know who you are but haven’t reacted as you expected? Increase engagement by defining a re-targeting strategy and adapting the message.

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of consumers react to retargeting (retargeted ads)


of marketing departments now have a dedicated retargeting budget


this is the average retargeting click rate against 0.07% for display