Peut-on encore être visible sur le web sans payer ?

Pay per click

Can companies still be
visible online without paying?

We’re going to get straight to the point, no beating around the bush! If you want to make your website a real business lever, you’ll need to put your hand in your wallet. The amount of traffic linked to natural rankings and reach just keeps getting smaller. And, this trend looks set to continue.

The platforms fight back!

You’re an SEO whizz who knows all the tricks (charging speed, winning key words, managing external links and fresh content). But recently, you’ve noticed that they just don’t seem to make much impact. Before you blame yourself, share your story with those around you and you’ll instantly feel a little less alone. Because, you’re not the only one, it’s a general trend. Platforms have decided it’s high time they monetise their precious audiences. The result? SEO performances are sliding and organic reach on social media exists only in name.

« It’s a general trend: platforms have decided it’s high time they monetise their precious audiences. »

Google regularly tightens its ranking rules and gives more and more prominence to paid adverts. It recently launched “gallery ads”, a new image-heavy advertising format that has far more impact than the mini descriptions we’re used to seeing, which will further encroach on natural SEO results.

Classic Mobile Search format

Search Mobile Classique

New “Gallery Ads” format

Gallery Ads

This new format made its debut in February 2019 with selected US advertisers and is set to be fully deployed later this year. It’s currently a 100% mobile search format, but it’s likely to make its way to desktop if tests prove conclusive.

As for Facebook, having radically changed its algorithms in early 2018 to privilege personal profile posts and paid advertising, the company has made it clear that one day, organic reach will disappear!

« Increasingly Facebook is saying that you should assume a day will come when the organic reach is zero »

Marshall Manson, former EMEA Manager at Social @ Ogilvy

Oui, vous avez bien lu.

Help! What do I do?

As a direct consequence, your digital channels will probably take a hit, visibly affecting the number of clicks.



You may be thinking about skirting around this new paradigm by creating a “platform-neutral” strategy based on highly engaging content (in-depth insights, original videos and regular, omnipresent publications). Good thinking! But what’s the point in optimising your editorial guidelines if no one can access your content on social media and you’re not visible in search results for strategic keywords because no one scrolls beyond the paid ads.
Unfortunately, there isn’t a real alternative. Paying has become the only way to give your financial and human investments any chance of being seen, shared… and profitable!

« What’s the point in reworking your editorial guidelines, if no one scrolls beyond the paid results? »

And, in return, platforms are ready to give you massive, qualitative and measurable access to their audiences (1.6 billion active daily users on Facebook and more than half a billion LinkedIn users).
So, get ready to dig deep! But not before you do, check out here my advice on the differences between Google Ads and Facebook Ads, here to discover how to make your Google Ads campaigns successful, and here to know everything about Facebook Ads.


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