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Content Distribution Platforms:
Stand Out from the Crowd!

In the age of ad blockers and banner blindness, more and more companies are turning to content marketing. The Holy Grail for distinguishing oneself from the competition. But how can your content be put forward? The magic words: Content Distribution Platforms.

Content Distribution Platforms, what are they?

If, like me, you only read the news online, you can’t have missed this phenomenon. Content Distribution Platforms work with the media, most of which happen to be major news and lifestyle websites such as Le Monde, Focus Online, or even The Washington Post. The advertiser’s content is broadcast on this media in the form of teasers, consisting mainly of an image and a short text.

Content distribution platform

Example of Content Distribution Platform

Most of these teasers appear at the end of the articles and are accompanied by catchphrases such as “This might interest you” or “Sponsored content.” When the user clicks on these links, he or she directly accesses the advertiser’s page offering a complete article.

To bring the best publishers to their side, the Content Distribution Platforms are currently fighting a fierce battle. 🤼

Well-disguised teasers!

The advantage of these calls-to-action is that they are perfectly integrated into the presentation of the media page and they are not perceived as an advertisement. I admit to being surprised more than once! Texts and design are therefore particularly strategic for getting the user to want to click.

The icing on the 🎂 for the advertiser: Content Distribution Platforms impose no limit on the number of teasers.

A wealth of options

n order to broadcast your teasers in a targeted way and to reach the highest number of readers, you can, as an advertiser, target the media according to categories specific to each platform (business, technology, art, or sports) and which must allow you to reach your target. In order to make sure, you can naturally block publishers who are not serious or who do not fit the target audience.

In addition, Content Distribution Platforms allow you to choose if your teachers will appear on a desktop, a cell phone, or a tablet, and also in which country. There are also retargeting options, pixels to measure conversions, and specific reports to download. In short, a host of options and data that should excite any good, self-respecting marketer.

Les content distribution platform en action


As with most acquisition platforms, it is possible to select the period for which you wish to analyze your results: the graphs and KPIs adjust dynamically.

How much do Content Distribution Platforms cost?

The two main players, Taboola and Outbrain, do not charge installation fees. Once your account is created, you can get started! The payment model is based on a cost per click. The CPC is determined according to the target audience and the type of content. For subjects related to business, the CPC will be slightly higher than for subjects related to lifestyle and health, a very large audience.

The fact is that in 2019, it is impossible to miss out on this broadcast channel of your content since it is so widespread. In my experience, the best platforms are Taboola and Outbrain to bring traffic to your site or your blog for a reasonable cost. A dream for all of us! 🤫

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