Les statistiques du pay per click

Pay per click

Pay Per Click:
12 key figures to know by heart

Why 12 figures? And why not? Aside from the question as to the comparative usefulness of Google and Facebook, other platforms are emerging, which does not help advertisers with the conundrum they face. Not to mention other uses (mobile, adblockers), that you need to consider in your PPC strategy. Here is some information that I have selected for you. There will be an exam next week!

Yes, yes, PPC, it works! 🤑

I think that it doesn’t do any harm to give you this reminder. There will always be someone who complains that he blew his entire media budget for a ridiculous click-through rate, and a conversion rate that even a hidden camera could not reveal. Well… that’s not Google’s fault!

1. Advertisers earn on average €2 for every €1 spent on Google Ads (Google).

2. 70% of millennials appreciate being able to click on a product directly from an advertisement (Google, 2018).

3. In 2018, consumers who clicked on a Google sponsored result were 27% more likely to make a purchase from the advertiser’s online store, and spent 10% more than others, on average (Google).

No, Google is not all there is in life… 👻

Google is inescapable – you already knew that. But the basic rule is still the same: go and find the target market wherever it is. WHEREVER it may be… And then, diversify the channels!

4. Google and Facebook capture 59% of digital media budgets in the United States (38.6% and 19.9% respectively), but they are continually losing ground to new players such as Amazon or Snapchat.

5. 37% of online buyers use social networks to “find inspiration”.

6. 65% of B2B businesses say they have gained at least one client thanks to advertisements on LinkedIn (HubSpot).

7. 43% of new customers buy a product that they have seen on YouTube advertising (Contently).

Yes, aim to appear in search results, but above all in the right place 🥇

The time when we were happy to make a brief appearance did not last very long… Then came the time when the aim was to appear on the first page. But that was before. The passage of time confirms that PPC is a “winner take all” market!

8. The Google sponsored results receive 65% of clicks generated by purchasing keywords, while unsponsored results (SEO) capture the remaining 35% (Craig McConnel).

9. On average, the first 3 results capture 41% of clicks. (Wordstream)

The future will be mobile (in fact, the present is already mobile!) 😎

Uses change dramatically when the number one criterion is to have everything at your fingertips…

10. 87% of Facebook ad revenues come from mobile. (AdWeek)

11. The percentage of adblockers is twice as high for PC and laptop users as it is for smartphone users. Good news for you: Google and Facebook Ads are not blocked on any screen. (Business Insider, 2017)

12. Video ads on the social networks and video games are watched, on average, to 91% of their duration.(CMO)

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