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Vocal Search, Assistants… When advertising gives voice!

Did you notice? The voice is more and more part of our daily digital practices … and therefore in those of your audiences! So it is clear that advertising will not leave this new playground empty for long. To tell the truth, the great upheaval has already started … so you might be prepared for it as well. Let’s go.

First, be careful! Do not confuse voice search and voice assistant: voice search consists in dictating a request to your device which will transcribe it in writing (the famous “hey Siri”, or “ok Google” …). The results are therefore similar to those visible when the query is typed on a keyboard.

Hello Computer


The voice assistant will chat with you and respond to your requests orally. The two approaches are therefore very different … and so are the advertising mechanisms!

SEA put to the test of voice search

Already 30% of digital searches are carried out without a screen! Here are some ways to adapt your acquisition strategy.

When you do a search in writing, usually these are keywords that you enter into Google, Facebook or whatever. Very rarely full sentences.

recherche vocale


For example, you would type “best burger in paris” while with voice search, you would naturally compose sentences like: “I’m looking for the best burger restaurant in Paris” or “I’m looking for a good little burger in Paris”.

You can speak 110–150 words per min, as opposed to avg person’s typing 38–40 wpm. -@purnavirji

In fact, you will therefore have to rethink all your keywords with “How”, “Why”, “Where”, “Near me”, etc.

But you’re also going to have to redesign the very skeleton of your campaigns, playing with your ad groups. For example, you could create an ad group by favoring keywords for text search, then duplicate it by changing the keywords and integrate those that would be better suited for a voice search.

Pro tip: remember that quality remains the key to success. So don’t hesitate to change your ad titles to include your keywords ;)

Voice assistants: ads of the future  

“Hey Siri, what’s the weather tomorrow?”
“Alexa, can you play the latest music I listened to?”

assistant vocal


Let’s take the example of the Echo connected speaker, which includes Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant. Alexa, in her reassuring sweet voice, will tell you about absolutely everything … and for free!

“If it is free it is because you are the product”

OK, you have not (yet) been targeted by any advertisements with Alexa. But, remember: you also didn’t see any YouTube ads at the very beginning of the platform. And today you can no longer watch a video without at least a small ad cut!

This is why the smartest marketers are wondering how they will soon be able to use voice assistants to best reach their audience … without being intrusive!

So everyone goes with their little idea: a sponsored answer to a question asked? Not silly, but where do we place this advertisement? Before or after the organic response?

The Amazon case

This year, Amazon tested advertising more or less secretly in beta version (but on the Net it always leaks a little…).

By the way, when I told you “if it’s free it’s because you are the product”, this applies well here: the people targeted by these test ads are those who have not subscribed to the Amazon offer Music without ads at $ 8 a month!

 Some time ago, an announcement would have been broadcast for the release of the Fortnite game. “Would have been” because, to date, Amazon denies being behind the ad…

For a better understanding, here is the video that was broadcasted on Twitter:

See on Twitter

When the user asks “Alexa, how are you today?”

The latter replies: “I’m fired up for battle. I’ve been playing Fortnite. If you’re also aboard the battle bus, ask me, ‘Where should I drop in Fortnite?’ To hear my recommended landing spots, ”Alexa says.

Amazon’s response to this controversy?

“When customers ask Alexa about her interests, she occasionally responds with answers that make reference to popular culture. Today’s answer referenced to popular Fortnite video game. This was not an advertisement — we have not introduced advertising on Alexa. ” via Voicebot.AI

Honestly, it looks very much like an Amazon advertisement for this type of product:

Fortnite Tips


We don’t have the full story yet, but it does give us an idea of what a voice assistant ad might look like in the future.

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