Tracking and performance

Tracking and performance

Capture the right data... for today and tomorrow

Combine reliability

and accuracy


The number of tracked metrics has exploded. With us, your visitors’ clickstreams will be completely transparent!
Des chiffres fiables

Reliable figures

Your analyses must be based on verified figures: this is the key to your decisions.

Une gestion évolutive

Scalable management

Thanks to the use of tag management tools, we quickly take action and in total autonomy to test and deploy the necessary codes.

Un tracking intégral

Integral tracking

You are informed of all the interactions made on all the pages of your website.

RGPD friendly


We help you comply with the legal framework.

Pour le futur

For the future

You store the tracked data in case of a future usage unknown at present.

A critical issue

for your operations

After defining your objectives, we technically validate the installation of a complete tracking system on your site, or proceed to its turnkey installation. An often overlooked stage, whose longevity is rarely assured.


We work on your website for complete and functional installation of codes, allowing the reporting of identified KPIs.

Everything is possible

Unfinalised shopping carts, unconfirmed registrations, video viewings... your customers do not always perform the action you expected. Tracking is giving yourself the means to recover them.

Retargeting that outperforms

After tracking all the interactions made on your website, we set up retargeting campaigns to finalise the sales cycle, thus optimising your acquisition budget.

Our clients

They make us go beyond